Free Web Services by Major Players – Is it Exploiting their Dominant Position?

Many free websites are available online. Some offer using simple software. Other people are offering using computational and/or storage capacity inside the extended term. Others provide using huge databases (like engines like google). The offering of free websites is a type of practice online intending to attract users, build recognition and then sell products or ad’ space. Almost always there is a business goal behind any free offering.

Many web startups offer something of curiosity and then uncover the revenue model to monetize it. That happened also with the major search engines, which started building revenue after they offered PPC ads. Google has marketed a greater volume of products for that exact purpose to lure users into installing google’s search toolbar which along with PPC represents its primary revenue source. E.g. Google Finance offers presently financial information without presenting ads. Google fully knows that the lifetime value potential of each and every User is very large, due to the quite recent market cheap many users are youthful. Inside the ongoing fight online internet search engine industry, yet another increase in its dominant business will discourage competition to assist invest heavily.

However, likely to growing risk to own major players exploit their dominant position.Whether AdSense publishers have a very Google (SERP) advantage is presently under discussion and speculation. Some assert that “AdSense publishers’ content articles are indexed and cached more frequently (having a Googlebot centered on Adsense). Evidently this could be the situation, it may be associated with an Adsense effort to provide more contextually relevant ads. In addition, getting spidered frequently does not mean a far greater internet internet search engine ranking (additional circumstances like link recognition and relevance). The distributed nature and decentralised control of the net, needs to be a problem discouraging the abuse of dominant positions. Ale Internet to self regulate needs to be protected.