Silom, Bangkok By Day And Night

Bangkok is an incredibly complex metropolis with an amazing number of different faces depending on where you are, and when. One of the most exciting and multifaceted places to spend your time is on cosmopolitan Silom Road. In the daytime, the street is disguised as a rather staid, coffee-driven financial centre, but at night that mask comes off to reveal a scintillating realm of extravagant restaurants and bawdy nightclubs! It’s a part of the city that never sleeps, and there is plenty of entertainment to be found!

The best way to enjoy this urban menagerie of fun attractions is to stay there in a Silom hotel in Bangkok so you won’t have to travel far to experience the many delights and intrigues Silom has to offer. Here are just a few of our favourites:

Bangkok street food – The rather stolid daytime streets of Silom blossom into a culinary menagerie of food carts and stalls by night, even full-fledged restaurants appear as if by magic on the sidewalks! The food on offer is fantastic, fascinating, and low priced, all reasons why this is a world-famous eating experience. You will not go away hungry!

Nightlife – Silom’s Patpong district is famous, or perhaps, infamous, depending on your point of view. It’s the perfect venue for those who prefer their entertainment to be a bit on the wild side. Patpong is the place to go for risque nightclubs, striptease acts, and more personal diversions for those who are so inclined. In most areas a red light means stop, but here it means go-go!

The Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute, a.k.a. Snake Farm – Thailand, like any proper paradise, features a serpent, this time in the form of a variety of highly venomous snakes like king, monocled, and naja cobras, banded and red-headed kraits, sea snakes, and pit vipers. Because of this, a collection of these animals is kept for the purpose of milking their venom to produce antidotes for the victims of snakebites! The animals are on display, and watching the expert staff handle these deadly creatures during the venom-milking process is a one-of-a-kind experience guaranteed to send a shiver down your spine!

Lumpini Park – If you need a break from all the wild thrills and chills to be found in Silom, then this tranquil urban park’s wide, grassy green expanse is just right for unwinding.