Things to Avoid When Your Taking Steroids

This article is all about the things you should avoid when taking steroids. So often, people will take a bunch of different drugs and supplements to achieve significant muscle growth.

Unfortunately, this is very dangerous because it can imbalance your hormones and cause other liver damage and kidney failure.

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In this post, we’ll talk about things you should avoid while on steroids!

  1. The first one is to avoid overtraining. When you train too hard, your body will not be able to recover from the damage, which can lead to a halt in muscle growth and injuries that could prevent you from working out for weeks or even months!
  1. The second thing is that underage people should never take steroids. This is because someone who hasn’t fully developed yet may suffer adverse effects on their sexual development and growth.

This includes things like smaller than average penis size, problems with fertility and erectile dysfunction, etc.

Avoid Detection?

We want to mention that doping testers are always searching for steroid users, so it’s best to try avoiding detection when taking these drugs instead of hiding them inside food items such as plastic bags or bottles.

This can be incredibly dangerous because you don’t know what might happen to your digestive system after ingesting these drugs!

Do Not Mix!

People taking steroids should never take any other drug that’s not prescribed unless they have consulted their doctor first.

For example, suppose someone is on testosterone supplementation. In that case, it could cause issues with liver damage when taken alongside another medication that contains acetaminophen (like Tylenol) since this combination increases toxicity for the liver.


In conclusion, if you’re going to take steroids, then it’s best if you avoid taking them in high doses, stop before starting a cycle, and don’t use any other drugs unless specifically told otherwise by your doctor!